A Opening Window of Rui Zhu(朱瑞)
A Opening Window of Rui Zhu(朱瑞)

A Opening Window of Rui Zhu(朱瑞)

About me

OCD, Minimalist,
AI security, Optimal Transportation,
Soccer, Tennis, Amateur Barista
Hello! I’m Rui Zhu, a fourth-year Computer Science Ph.D. student at Indiana University, Bloomington. I was born and raised in Beijing, Xicheng district(A beautiful ancient small town located in the center of Beijing), China. At 18, I came to the University of Utah and majored in mathematics. After graduating, I worked as a data scientist at Lenovo and Union Pay. I’m a Ph.D. student of Prof. Tang(Haixu), working on AI security-related problems. I spend most of my free time playing soccer and writing easy-to-read notion files to make some exciting but “sophisticated” theoretical papers look easy.
Nightview of Xicheng district
Nightview of Xicheng district
I played as mid-field in the soccer game. I recognize myself as a teamwork player. Pass and run always make this sports intrigue.
I created a notion database to keep my notation for those interest papers. I update this database every week.




Research interest

I’m standing at the intersection of Security and AI. I really like to use an easy example to let everyone know about my research; Most researchers or practitioners who are working with Artificial intelligence (AI), can consider themselves an engineer or developers to create a robot like T-800 in Terminator or R2-D2 in Star Wars. My role is more like a robot doctor, trying to diagnose AI to make them stay healthy; Are they easy to crush with some specific signal? Are they stable? Are they prefer to make biased decisions toward a sensitive category? and etc... As “doctors,” our job is to Detect and heal them.
More specifically, my reseach interest is focus on the interdiscipline of AI and security. Especially, Deep learning model backdoor and adversarial attack threaten.



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